We work with major international brands – because we’ve got the write stuff!



Let’s face it, not everyone is born a writer. Fortunately, our teams of international writers were, well, born to write! Like you, we insist on the best, and all our writers have years of experience of creating clear and effective copy in any language – for TV channels, magazines and newspapers, websites, newsletters, marketing & advertising materials, PR literature, TV & film scripts and more

That’s not all. Between them, our creative teams boast a world of expertise in just about every area imaginable as well as possessing a wide range of specialist genres, interests and talents. We’ve got TV experts, movie lovers, science boffins, techies, sports fanatics and fashionistas. We’ve got experts on news, on the environment, connoisseurs of chemistry, gurus in government and masters of the media. And what’s even better is that they are based locally in their own countries, with our headquarters in London

This means that our teams are multi-faceted and equipped with a diverse ability to be on the same wavelength as you and will be able to take your précis and make it precise, delivering exactly what you are looking for in terms of editorial copy, to your target market/region and according to your editorial deadline and budget

Our wordsmiths cover the UK, EMEA, the Americas and Asia-Pacific regions and are backed by a team of clued-up proof-readers and editors, who panel-beat text into superb shape, localising it so that it smacks of clarity, wit, finesse and flair…

We are considered as the ‘go-to partner’ by major international brands for editorial excellence – worldwide

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